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Unusual antiques, rare finds and forgotten American treasures...

We started OneGoodPick.com because finding hip and stylish antiques and collectibles had become frustrating. No longer do you need to click through hundreds of dreadful classifieds to find that one collectible you've been searching for. We find them for you and save you the trouble... from the latest trends to the timeless classics... we'll always have something interesting for you to enjoy.

We especially favor real-world relics... period-correct collectibles with a vintage patina, or that feature imperfections such as minor chips and scratches to show that they were gently used and enjoyed. We'll usually skip the perfect restorations and museum pieces unless they offer something amazing in aesthetic or rarity.

If you spot an antique or collectible that is worth featuring, please take the time contact us. Comments on what you like or would change about each featured item can be made directly on each blog post. Please share what you think! And feel free to email us with any comments or suggestions for our site.

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